EuroMemorandum 2007

Full Employment with Good Work, Strong Public Services, and International Cooperation - Democratic Alternatives to Poverty and Precariousness in Europe

This Memorandum was formulated on the basis of discussions at the 13th workshop of the working group "European Economists for an Alternative Economic Policy” (EuroMemorandum Group) on September 21 - 23, 2007 in Brussels.

The text is available in English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian and Spanish.


1. Enhanced risks, imbalances and inequalities - Current economic and social problems
1.1. Financial crisis - More to come?
1.2. Low wages, precarious jobs, political complacency - Prospects for macro-economic decline
1.3. Persistent poverty amidst exploding profits - Inequality on the rise
1.4. Threats of dependence and catastrophe - Energy and climate change in the EU
1.5. Macroeconomic imbalances in the world economy

2. Undermining the European Social Model - Critique of economic and social policies
2.1. The "Reform Treaty” - The EU elites’ counter-reform under a new cover
2.2. Service directive through the backdoor - The deregulatory obsession continues
2.3. "Flexicurity” - Labour market reform with a neo-liberal bias
2.4. Against European interests and fairness - Too restrictive immigration policy
2.5. Global Europe - Threatening ambitions
2.6. Too little action behind the rhetoric - Climate and energy policies

3. Stability, solidarity and cooperation - Alternatives for economic and social policies
3.1. Limits for speculation and financial investor pressure - Policies against financial crises
3.2. Policies for full employment, solidarity and sustainability
3.2.1. Alternative to the dominance of markets - Strong and democratic public services
3.2.2. More active use of macroeconomic policy tools
3.2.3. End "flexploitation” - Promote full employment with "good work”
3.2.4. Minimum standards and European transfers - Anti-poverty policy
3.2.5. Focus on energy saving and renewables - Climate and energy policies
3.3. Fair trade, development aid and peaceful relations - Global perspectives for the EU
3.4. A democratic constitution for the EU

Added Files:
EuroMemorandum 2007 - German/Deutsche FassungDownload (433 kb)
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EuroMemorandum 20ß7 - versión española/Spanish versionDownload (391 kb)
EuroMemorandum 2007 (version française/French version)Download (482 kb)
hu-euromemorandum_2007.pdfDownload (597 kb)
gr-euromemorandum_2007.pdfDownload (994 kb)
List_Signatories_18012008.pdfDownload (33 kb)


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