EuroMemorandum 2002

Better Institutions, Rules and Tools for Full Employment and Social Welfare in Europe

The text is available in Catalan, English, German, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish.

Additionally there is a long version in German and English available.


1. Self-Immunisation, False Optimism and Continued Austerity Amidst Growing Uncertainty: The Broad Economic Policy Guidelines (BEPG) 2002
2. The European Social Model - Cornerstones for an Alternative Economic Strategy in Europe
3. Eastern Enlargement - Challenge and Perspective for the European Social Model
4. Better Institutions, Rules and Tools for the European Social Model
4. 1. A framework for a more democratic and more efficient macroeconomic policy
4. 2. A stronger commitment to social welfare
4. 3. Reforming and Strengthening Public Services
4. 4. Enforcing the public interest in financial markets
5. Conclusion

Added Files:
ca-euromemorandum_2002.pdfDownload (203 kb)
en-euromemorandum_long_2002.pdfDownload (250 kb)
de-euromemorandum_long_2002.pdfDownload (1077 kb)
de-euromemorandum_2002.pdfDownload (62 kb)
en-euromemorandum_2002.pdfDownload (55 kb)
it-euromemorandum_2002.pdfDownload (55 kb)
hu-euromemorandum_2002.pdfDownload (113 kb)
es-euromemorandum_2002.pdfDownload (55 kb)
List_ of_ signatories_2002.pdfDownload (26 kb)


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