EuroMemorandum 2001

Economic Policy against Recession and Polarisation in Europe!

The text is available in English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish.

Additionally there is a short version in English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish available

Introduction: A new period of risk and uncertainty: The need for action and democracy
1 From slowdown to recession - The need for intervention
2 The welfare state under attack - The need for defence and reinforcement
3 Threats from financial markets - The need for social control
4 The democratic gap - The need for reform

Added Files:
en-euromemorandum_2001.pdfDownload (55 kb)
es-euromemorandum_short_2001.pdfDownload (15 kb)
en-euromemorandum_short_2001.pdfDownload (13 kb)
de-euromemorandum_2001.pdfDownload (67 kb)
de-euromemorandum_short_2001.pdfDownload (18 kb)
es-euromemorandum_2001.pdfDownload (62 kb)
fr-euromemorandum_short_2001.pdfDownload (16 kb)
hu-euromemorandum_2001.pdfDownload (65 kb)
it-euromemorandum_2001.pdfDownload (53 kb)
fr-euromemorandum_2001.pdfDownload (56 kb)
it-euromemorandum_short_2001.pdfDownload (13 kb)
hu-euromemorandum_short_2001.pdfDownload (19 kb)
List_Signatories_2001.pdfDownload (19 kb)


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