EuroMemorandum 1997

Full Employment, Social Cohesion and Equity for Europe - Alternatives to Competitive Austerity

1. Introduction: Persistent Mass Unemployment - The Challenge of European Decline
2. The Maastricht Agenda: a Threat to Welfare, Justice and European Unity
2.1. The Turn to Free-Market Strategies
2.2. Neoliberalism in the European Union
A. The main elements of neoliberal strategy in the European Union and their criticism
B. The economic and social consequences of the neoliberal strategy in the EU
2.3. The Design of Maastricht is Not the Only Option for European Unity
3. Alternative Economic Policy for Full Employment - Main Elements and Proposals
3.1. Principal Aspects and Objectives
3.2. Monetary Policy
3.3. Fiscal Policy
3.4. Reduction of Working Time
3.5. Labour Market Regulation and the European Social Model
3.6. Structural Policies to Correct Intra-EU imbalances
3.7. Balanced Relations through Cooperation - The EU in the World Economy
4. Alternatives in Europe: The Theoretical and Political Challenge

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