29th Annual Conference on Alternative Economic Policy in Europe

"War, the climate catastrophe and the crisis of social reproduction: how should the EU cope with the polycrisis?”
27 - 28 September 2023, Naples/Italy

Dear colleagues!

This year’s EuroMemo Group conference will be jointly hosted with University of Naples ‘Parthenope’ and will take place on 27 - 28 September 2023 (Wednesday - Thursday) in Naples/Italy.

Against the background of war and rising geopolitical tensions, the climate and biodiversity catastrophe, the cost of living crisis and deepening social and global inequalities, this year’s conference will address the profound implications of these changes for the future of the EU, with special reference to the deepening crisis of social reproduction.

Here you can find the programm.

We would like to invite you to attend the conference and to submit paper proposals for contributions to the workshops.

We invite proposals for papers that address any aspect of the conference theme War, the climate catastrophe and the crisis of social reproduction: how should the EU cope with the polycrisis?” In particular, we encourage submissions that relate to recent European developments that pertain to one of the following topics:
• Growth? - degrowth? - sufficiency? - sustainability? What mode of production and consumption is needed for socio-ecological transformation in the EU, but also on the global level?
• Fiscal policy for the EU in the 21st century and the reform of the Stability of Growth Pact (SGP)
• National recovery and resilience plans: state of implementation and preliminary assessments
• The return of inflation, ECB monetary policy, and its distributional implications
• Implementation of the European Pillar of social rights vs. contradictory national level reforms (e.g. the planned pension reform in France)
• Labour struggles, trade unions, productivity and wages in an era of high inflation
• The discourse and policies on migration and refugees in the aftermath of the war in Ukraine
• The economic and political agendas of the far-right governments and political forces in the EU in the current conjuncture (e.g. Italy, Poland, Hungary, France)
• The political economy of energy and the energy transformation in the EU
• The European Green Deal: its state of implementation, its limits and the challenges for achieving the socio-ecological transformation of prevailing production and consumption models
• The challenge of a just transition in the EU that stays within the 1.5°Celsius target
• The global dimension of the climate and biodiversity catastrophe, the importance and implications of global climate and ecological justice, and the discussion about loss and damage and similar mechanisms
• The green transition and the perils of resource extractivism, especially in the Global South, including structural dependencies of the EU (minerals, rare earths etc.)
• Implications of militarization, the military-industrial complex and of increased global divisions for socio-ecological transformation and the European Green Deal
• The role of the EU in Europe and in the world, relations to the US and China
• The political economy of regions, and of "core and periphery” in the European Union, with a particular emphasis on Central & Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans (enlargement), as well as Southern Europe.

Proposals for papers together with a short abstract (maximum 250 words) should be submitted by 16 June 2023 to info@euromemo.eu.

We strongly encourage applications of participants from CEE countries and different networks of heterodox economists. If possible, please indicate the topic which the proposal is intended for. If accepted, completed papers should be submitted by 31 August 2023.

We strongly encourage participants to submit short papers (5000 - 6000 words) and to explicitly address policy implications.

If you would like to submit an abstract and/ or participate in the conference, please fill in the registration form, which you can find here and send it to to info@euromemo.eu.
Please note that there is no deadline for registering for participation only.

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Steering Committee of the EuroMemo Group. Accepted papers will be published on the conference website and there is also the possibility to publish selected papers presented at the conference within the EuroMemo Group Discussion Paper Series.

Please note that there will be a conference fee to cover the cost of the conference: € 100 standard rate, €40 for students, € 150 for participants with institutional support. A solidarity fee in excess of the standard rates is highly welcome.

Further practical information including details about hotel bookings and transport will soon be circulated. We look forward to seeing you in Naples!

Best wishes,

For the Steering Committee of the EuroMemo Group: Judith Dellheim, Marica Frangakis, Maria Karamessini, Jeremy Leaman, Mahmood Messkoub, Ronan O’Brien, Heikki Patomäki, Werner Raza, Magnus Ryner

For the local organizing committee at University of Naples ‘Parthenope’: Claudio Cozza


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