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24th Conference on Alternative Economic Policy in Europe, on 27-29 September 2018, organised by the EuroMemo Group and jointly hosted with the University of Helsinki

The second day of the EuroMemo Group conference (Friday, 28 September) was dedicated to key themes of EU policy within six different workshops (Workshop Programme as pdf-file).

Workshop 1 - Macroeconomic policies and EMU reform

Coordinator: Achim Truger

  • Hubert Hieke
  • Financial Imbalances and the instability of the EU/Euro-Zone

  • André W. Heinemann and Leonie Backeberg / University of Bremen, Institute Labour and Economy (iaw)
  • Corporate Taxation, Economic Growth, and Inequality: Implications of Tax Competition within the European Monetary Union

Workshop 2 - Monetary and financial policies

Coordinators: Marica Frangakis/ John Grahl

  • George Perendia
  • Why Are Real Interest Rates So Low? Or, are we suffering a delusion of interest rates ...

Workshop 3 - The productive structure of the EU: analysis and policy proposals for productive transformation

Coordinator: Joachim Becker

  • Zhen Im / University of Helsinki
  • Automation and the Gender Gap: the compounding effect on labour market stratification on welfare preferences

Workshop 4 - Social policies in the EU and the Nordic Welfare model: assessment and future prospects

Coordinator: Laura Horn

  • Ernst Hollander / University of Gaevle
  • European lessons from Nordic Model Changes

  • Eirikur Bergmann / Bifröst University
  • Icelandís procyclical political economy and the new critical order

  • Laura Horn / Roskilde University
  • Beyond utopia? Basic income in the Nordic countries

  • Bernhard Zeilinger / UAS BFI Vienna
  • Trajectories of dismantling the welfare state under the new socio-economic governance regime

Workshop 5 - New democratic challenges and alternative conceptualizations for a popular political economy

Coordinator: Werner Raza

  • Martin Pachel / UAS BFI Vienna
  • A sad-go-round: The austere radicalization of society

  • Marcella Corsi / Sapienza University Rome, and Fabrizio Botti / Guglielmo Marconi University
  • Gender and populism in Europe

  • Ronan O'Brien
  • What might a socio-ecological transformation look like in a reconstructed project of European integration?

Workshop 6 - Politics of structural reforms: critique and alternatives

Coordinator: Teppo Eskelinen
in cooperation with the Finnish Society for Political Economy Research

  • Olli Herranen / University of Tampere
  • Towards a consolidation Empire?

  • Pia Ljungman / SOAS
  • Remodelling the EMU area: re-reading policy causes, rethinking alternatives

  • Antti Alaja / Sorsa foundation
  • Structural reform policies in Finland - evolutionary perspectives

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EuroMemorandum 2020

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