Global Finance and Social Europe

Editor: John Grahl

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With global finance reshaping the world economy, this insightful new book provides a full account of the EU's financial integration strategy, together with a critical assessment arguing the case for social control over global finance.

Written by acknowledged experts in European finance, this book discusses key issues from finance to general social developments, encompassing social security systems, employment relations, household saving and borrowing, and the question of economic stability. Thus far, America has been pre-eminent both in global financial markets and international banking - so how should the European Union meet this challenge? "Global Finance and Social Europe" constructively argues that an active response is required and highlights the importance of an integrated European financial system.

Aimed at an international audience, this book will strongly appeal to researchers, academics and readers who share an interest in European integration and global economic issues.

2009 (hardcover) / 2010 (paperback)
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd
352 pages/hardcover
ISBN number: 978-1847206435


John Grahl

1. Money and Finance Today
Trevor Evans

2. International Finance
Trevor Evans

3. Europe’s Financial Systems Under Pressure
Marica Frangakis

4. EU Financial Market Integration Policy
Marica Frangakis

5. Lisbon, Finance and the European Social Model
John Grahl

6. The Official Case for Financial Integration
Thorsten Block and John Grahl

7. International Finance and Instability in the EU
Jan Toporowski

8. The Transformation of Corporate Europe
Photis Lysandrou

9. Financial Markets and Social Security
John Grahl

10. Finance and the Household
John Grahl

11. The Impact of Financial Change on European Employment Relations
John Grahl

12. Inclusion: Universal Access, Consumer and Workers’ Protection
Jörg Huffschmid

13. Protection of the Elderly Against the Risks of Capital Markets: The Advantages of Public PAYGO Pension Systems
Jörg Huffschmid

14. Financial Stability
Dominique Plihon

15. Financing Social Protection and Social Equity in Europe
Dominique Plihon



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