Economic Policy for a Social Europe - A Critique of Neoliberalism and Proposals for Alternatives

Editor: Jörg Huffschmid

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
328 pages / hardcover
ISBN number: 978-1-4039-4354-5

This book argues that the economic weakness of the EU is the result of its very restrictive economic policy. The book advances from a comprehensive critique of macroeconomic, social and structural policies towards a concrete concept for a democratic European social model based on the objectives of full employment, welfare, social equity and ecological sustainability.


Introduction: The European Social Model: A Contested Concept

Part I: Critique of Economic Policies in Europe

European Integration (1974-2004): Towards a Neo-Liberal Zone

Macroeconomic Policies: A Self-Defeating Regime

The Drive for Financial Integration: Stability and Inclusion at Risk

The Attack on the Public Sector

The 'Modernisation' of Social Policy: A Critique of Pension Reforms

Employment through Labour Market Flexibility? A Critical Appraisal of the European Employment Strategy

Europe's Environment in a Bad Shape

Structural Policies: Weak and Market Biased

Agricultural Policy: The Need for Reform

Trade Policy: Weak and Too Liberal

Enlargement: Not Enough Support for New Members

Policy Co-ordination; Legitimate and Effective?

Part II: Proposals for Alternatives

The European Social Model: Basis for a Strategy

More Active Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies

Fiscal Policies: Stronger Co-ordination and Higher EU-Budget

Labour Market Policies: Higher Standards

Taming European Finance: Stability, Efficiency and Inclusion

A Strong and Democratic Public Sector

A Secure Future for Pensions

Pathways to a Sustainable Europe

Structural Policies: Wider and More Ambitious

Common Agricultural Policy: A New Governance Regime

Trade Policy: Towards a New Concept of Fairness

How to Get from Here to There?


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