Privatisation against the European Social Model - A Critique of European Policies and Proposals for Alternatives

Editors: Marica Frangakis/Christoph Hermann/Jörg Huffschmid/Karoly Lorant

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
288 pages/hardcover
ISBN number: 978-0230224094

This book presents a comprehensive overview and critical analysis of the processes of liberalisation and privatisation, and their consequences for economic performance, social cohesion and political democracy in the European Union. It examines the main drivers and the various theoretical rationales for privatisation in the context of different schools of thinking.

It argues on the basis of broad empirical evidence that privatisation in Europe, particularly the ongoing privatisation of social services, undermines the basic elements of the different social models that have developed in Europe. These arguments are supported by a number of in-depth case studies, with specific focus on health care, education and finance. The authors of this volume advance from this critique and explore the basic requirements for a progressive public sector and its role for economic, social and democratic development.

This book will be indispensable reading for all interested in Economic Policy, Public Sector Economics, European Integration and Political Science.


Introduction: Privatisation and the Crisis of Social Europe

Part I: Privatisation in the EU: Process and Discussion - an Overview

Privatisation in Western Europe

Privatisation in the Central and East European Countries

Finance as Driver of Privatisation

Theoretical Approaches to Explaining and Understanding Privatisation

The European Social Models: Contours of the Discussion

Part II: Case Studies

Privatisation in the Industrial Sector

Liberalisation in Network Industries

Privatisation and Marketisation of Health Care Systems in Europe

Privatisation of Education

Privatisation of Pensions

Bank Liberalisation and Privatisation

Privatisation Trajectories in Europe: A Cross - Sector View

Part III: Perspectives

The Impact of Privatisation and Liberalisation of Public Services on the European Social Model

Elements of a Progressive European Social Model

The Role of the Public Sector in a Progressive Construction of Europe

Social Actors - Trade Unions and Social Movements


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