EuroMemorandum 2003

Full Employment, Welfare and a Strong Public Sector- Democratic Challenges in a Wider Union

The text is available in English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Polish and Spanish.

Additionally there is a long version in German and English available.


1. In the face of stagnation, higher unemployment and social polarization - the need for an economic policy initiative
2. A more favourable economic policy framework to manage enlargement
3. More democracy and less Maastricht needed - Critique of the draft constitution
4. A strong public sector as a pillar of the European social model - Critique of the "Green Paper on Services of General Interest”
5. Broad Economic Policy Guidelines and Labour Market Policies

Added Files:
es-euromemorandum_2003.pdfDownload (72 kb)
List_Signatories_25_08_2004.pdfDownload (22 kb)
en-euromemorandum_2003.pdfDownload (75 kb)
en-euromemorandum_long_2003.pdfDownload (335 kb)
de-euromemorandum_long_2003.pdfDownload (515 kb)
de-euromemorandum_2003.pdfDownload (86 kb)
fr-euromemorandum_2003.pdfDownload (82 kb)
pl-euromemorandum_2003.pdfDownload (303 kb)
it-euromemorandum_2003.pdfDownload (82 kb)
hu-euromemorandum_2003.pdfDownload (76 kb)
gr-euromemorandum_2003.pdfDownload (341 kb)


EuroMemorandum 2020

A Green New Deal for Europe - Opportunities and Challenges


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