EuroMemorandum 1998

Full Employment, Solidarity and Sustainability in Europe - Old Challenges, New Opportunities for Economic Policy

1. Introduction: Dangerous Financial Fragility but Better Prospects of a New Economic Policy
2. Immediate Measures for More Employment, Financial Stability and Sustainable Growth in Europe
2.1. European employment policy
a. Specifying an overall employment objective
b. Co-ordinating national policies to expand employment
c. Initiatives at the European level
2.2. Protection against financial disruption
2.3. The European contribution to a stable world economy
3. A Complete Re-orientation of Economic Policy - Towards a European Social Constitution
3.1. Macroeconomic re-orientation: the way to full employment
a. economic policy: broader goals and tighter co-operation
b. monetary policy: integrating the ECB into the overall strategy
c. fiscal policy: increasing the options and widening the revenue base
3.2. A social constitution for Europe - central to the new paradigm
3.3. Towards environmental sustainability: safeguarding the basis for development
3.4. Stronger support for the enlargement process: an inclusive order of peace, freedom and social progress is again on the historical agenda in Europe
3.5. Democratic involvement in Europe - Challenges and perspectives

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