Discussion Paper Series

The EuroMemo Group Discussion Paper Series is intended to open up discussions on currently relevant economic, political and social issues in the European Union that are controversially debated within the left. Scientists, including young scholars and students, are invited to make critical contributions.

The EuroMemo Group has successfully launched its Discussion Paper Series with the first issue in July 2017. Against the backdrop of the Group's mission to critically assess socio-economic developments in the European Union and to propose policies that promote full employment, social justice and ecological sustainability, the EuroMemo Group Discussion Paper Series invites to debate currently relevant controversial issues. The EuroMemo Group Discussion Papers are complementary to the annual EuroMemorandum that reflects the consensus of the Group.

Call for Proposals

Produced by members and partners of the EuroMemo Group, the Discussion Papers will be published regularly online with the goal of provoking discussion among academics, politically active people, NGOs and trade unions alike. Economists, social and political scientists, including young scholars and students, are invited to make critical contributions to the discussions on the ongoing developments within the European project. Please send proposals to info@euromemo.eu.

ISSN 2523-9163

Discussion Paper No. 02/2017 From Monetary Union to a Differentiated Europe
Jacques Mazier

Discussion Paper No. 01/2017 Debate on the Eurozone: a New Contribution from France. Notes on Aglietta and Leron, The Double Democracy: a Political Europe for Growth
John Grahl

The EuroMemo Group Discussion Paper Series is being financially supported by transform! europe. Transform! is a network of 29 European organisations from 20 countries, active in the field of political education and critical scientific analysis.


EuroMemorandum 2018

Can the EU still be saved? The implications of a multi-speed Europe


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