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18th Conference on Alternative Economic Policy in Europe, 28-30 September 2012 at the University of Poznan, Poland, organised by the EuroMemo Group

The second day of the EuroMemo Group conference (Saturday, 29 September) was dedicated to key themes of EU policy within within five different workshops (Workshop Programme as pdf-file).

Workshop 1 - Economic and financial policy

Coordinator: Trevor Evans

Workshop 2 - Governance in the EU

Coordinators: John Grahl & Catherine Sifakis

  • John Grahl / Middlesex University
  • The European Semester

  • Ioannis Kompsopoulos / RHTW Aachen
  • Democracy downgraded to junk

Workshop 3 - Restructuring the social agenda

Coordinators: Jeremy Leaman & Mahmood Messkoub
Briefing document

  • Mahmood Messkoub / Institute of Social Studies, The Hague
  • How we maintain and extend the universal social policy model?

Workshop 4 - A development strategy for the European periphery

Coordinator: Marica Frangakis

  • Karl Aiginger and Peter Huber / Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO)
  • Changing strategy in Periphery Countries

Workshop 5 - The crisis in global governance

Coordinators: Werner Raza & Frieder Otto Wolf

  • Frieder Otto Wolf / Free University Berlin
  • European challenges to cope with the failure of Rio plus 20

  • Werner Raza / ÖFSE - Austrian Research Foundation for International Development
  • The Crisis of Global Governance and its implications for EU external policies: the case of the Rio+20 conference and global environmental governance

Background papers


EuroMemorandum 2020

A Green New Deal for Europe - Opportunities and Challenges


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