28th Annual Conference on Alternative Economic Policy in Europe, 2- 4 September 2022, King’s College London (Department of European & International Studies)

The conference will take place entirely in King's College Strand campus (i.e. Strand Campus, King's College, London, WC2R 2LS). The plenaries will be held in the Great Hall and the various workshops in conference rooms K0.16, K0.17, K0.18, K0.19, K0.20, K0.50.

Parallel Workshops, Saturday, 3 September 2022, 9:00 am - 1 pm

Workshop 1: Macroeconomic Policy (Room K. 0.16) (Coordination: Marica Frangakis)

  • Alberto Botta & Benjamin Tippet ‘Secular Stagnation and Core-Periphery Uneven Development in Post-Crisis Eurozone’

Workshop 2: Social and Employment Policy (Room K 0.17) (Coordination: Maria Karamesini)

Workshop 3: The Ecological Crisis and the Need for Rapid Socio-Ecological Transformation (Room K 0.18) (Coordination: Jeremy Leaman)

  • Ronen O’Brian ‘The Imperative of Rapid Change to Address the Climate and Related Crises, Diversions and Delays, and Critique of EU Policy in a Global Context’
  • Johannes Jäger ‘Sustainable Finance and Sustainable Monetary Policy: Beyond Passive Revolution in Europe’

Workshop 4: The Impact of Sanctions on the Political Economy of Europe (Room K 0.19) (Coordination: Alan Toplisek & Ksenia Kirkham)

  • Maria N Ivanova ´The Economic Consequences of the Sanctions against Russia´

You can find the Workshop program in a pdf format


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