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23rd Conference on Alternative Economic Policy in Europe, from 28-30 September 2017, organised by the EuroMemo Group and jointly hosted with the Department of Geography at Harokopio University and the Nicos Poulantzas Institute in Athens.

The second day of the EuroMemo Group conference (Friday, 29 September) was dedicated to key themes of EU policy within six different workshops (Workshop Programme as pdf-file).

Workshop descriptions

Workshop 1 - Macroeconomic policies: debt overhang and sustainable growth & development

Coordinators: Marica Frangakis & Achim Truger

Workshop 2 - Dynamizing productive development in the EU: structural reforms or industrial policies?

Coordinator: Werner Raza

  • Petros Linardos Rulmond / Nicos Poulantzas Institute
  • Reconstructing Greece and rethinking the European Industrial Policy

  • Ravi Kant Tripathi / Université Paris 13
  • Labour Market during Crisis: Questioning the 'German Model'

Workshop 3 - Financial policies: Dollar hegemony and the subordination of European finance

Coordinator: John Grahl

  • Gabriel Sakellaridis
  • Government Debt, Repo Markets and Financial Instability in Eurozone: A Minskyan Analysis

Workshop 4 - Inequality and social crisis

Coordinators: Mahmoud Messkoub & Jeremy Leaman

  • Anne Eydoux / Centre for Employment and Labour Studies (CEET) and Lise-CNRS
  • Beyond flexibility and activation: are there alternative employment and welfare policies at local, national or EU levels?

Workshop 5 - The EU in a fragmenting international order

Coordinator: Catherine Sifakis

Workshop 6 - Alternative visions for socio-ecological transformation and the good life for all

Coordinators: Marija Bartl & Ronan O'Brien

  • Vedran Horvat / Institute for Political Ecology
  • From better life to good life. What more we need?

  • Nik de Boer / University of Amsterdam
  • Financial Globalisation and the Crisis of Democratic Capitalism: Re-imagining Free Capital Movement for Socio-ecological Transformations

  • Jens van 't Klooster / Cambridge University and Clément Fontan / Göteborg University
  • Democratizing Central Bank Asset Purchases

  • Ronan O'Brien / Independent researcher
  • A review of various approaches to socio-ecological transformation

Background paper


EuroMemorandum 2020

A Green New Deal for Europe - Opportunities and Challenges


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