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20th Conference on Alternative Economic Policy in Europe, 25-27 September 2014 at the Sapienza University in Rome, organised by the EuroMemo Group and jointly hosted with Economia Civile

The second day of the EuroMemo Group conference (Friday, 26 September) was dedicated to key themes of EU policy within six different workshops (Workshop Programme as pdf-file).

Workshop 1 - Macroeconomics and the alternative to stagnation

Coordinator: Trevor Evans

  • Springler, Elisabeth / University of Applied Science Bfi Wien and Jäger, Johannes
  • Critical Political Economy and Post-Keynesian perspectives on the asymmetric European crisis: Possible futures

  • Costantini, Orsola / University of Bergamo, Fumagalli, Andrea / University of Pavia and Lucarelli, Stefano / University of Bergamo
  • The crisis of anti-crisis policies: which exit?

Background papers

  • Pini, Paolo / UNIFE and Piacentini, Paolo / Sapienza University
  • Employment Multipliers: A Comparative 'Demand-Side' Analysis of the Sources of Employment Activation for a Group of OECD Countries. An Empirical Reconsideration

Workshop 2 - Austerity and polarisation in Europe

Coordinator: Achim Truger

  • Beqiraj, Elton / Sapienza University and Tancioni, Massimiliano / Sapienza University of Rome
  • The effect of fiscal consolidation in the Eurozone's periphery

Workshop 3 - Money, finance and the euro crisis

Coordinator: Marica Frangakis

  • Dymarski, Wlodzimierz / Poznan University of Economics
  • Relationship between stability and instability of the financial system and industrial growth performance within the EU

Workshop 4 - Industrial policy and the reshaping of the economy

Coordinators: Frieder Otto Wolf and Mario Pianta

Background papers

  • Staniulyte, Jurgita / University of Leeds
  • Relevant Industrial Policy for the EU

Workshop 5 - Social policy and combating inequality

Coordinators: Marcella Corsi and John Grahl

  • Issehnane, Sabina / Rennes 2 University, Center for employment policies, The Appalled Economists
  • The use of a French employment program : determinants and trajectories of jobseekers.

Background papers

  • Marino, Alfonso / University and editor in chief La Sinistra Rivista
  • GDP and Hidden Economy

  • Esposito, Giovanni / University of Liège, HEC-School of Management and Gaeta, Giuseppe Lucio / University of Naples
  • New Public Management spread across European countries: a critical analysis based on parties' manifestos

  • Vianello, Mino / Sapienza University of Rome
  • Gender Difference and Economic Theory

Workshop 6 - EU international trade and investment policy

Coordinators: Werner Raza

Background papers


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