Steering Committee

The annual workshop and the other activities of the EuroMemo Group are coordinated by a steering committee, the members of which are selected at the annual workshop.

Steering Committee Members 2018

  • Marija Bartl, Amsterdam
  • Joachim Becker, Vienna
  • Marcella Corsi, Rome
  • Wlodzimierz Dymarski, Poznan
  • Trevor Evans, Berlin
  • Marica Frangakis, Athens
  • John Grahl, London
  • Peter Herrmann, Rome
  • Aimilia Koukouma, Athens
  • Jeremy Leaman, Loughborough
  • Jacques Mazier, Paris
  • Agustín Menéndez, Léon
  • Mahmood Messkoub, De Hague
  • Ronan O'Brien, Brussels
  • Werner Raza, Vienna
  • Catherine Sifakis, Grenoble
  • Achim Truger, Berlin
  • Frieder Otto Wolf, Berlin

Contact: EuroMemo Group


EuroMemorandum 2018

Can the EU still be saved? The implications of a multi-speed Europe


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