The working group - called European Economists for an Alternative Economic Policy in Europe (EuroMemo Group) - is a network of progressive European economists. Both the idea for a yearly EuroMemorandum and the formation of the group go back to an initiative by Jörg Huffschmid: In September 1995 he invited economists of the - at that time - ten EU member states to a workshop in Strasbourg to critically question the direction of the EU’s economic and fiscal policy and to analyze its consequences. This was the hour of birth of the EuroMemo Group.

The focus of the discussions was on the cut-backs of the social welfare state, the deregulation of the labour markets, the destruction of the environment and the steady rise of unemployment. On the basis of these debates, the group around Joerg Huffschmid wrote the first EuroMemorandum in Brussels in September 1996, bearing the title "Full Employment, Social Cohesion and Equity for Europe - Alternatives to Competitive Austerity”. Together with a list of more than 250 supporters, this declaration was published right before the Amsterdam Summit in May 1997. The second EuroMemorandum followed in 1998, and since 2000, the EuroMemorandum has been published yearly and translated into several European languages.

The conception of the EuroMemoranda has remained similar throughout the years: It starts out with a survey of the current economic, social and ecological situation of the European Union. The second part focuses on the empirically and analytically substantiated criticism of the orientation of politics on the European level. Thirdly, alternatives of action are developed. With regard to both, content and staff, the work of the group was enriched by co-operation with EU-projects co-ordinated by Joerg Huffschmid, the last of these having been Improvement of Economic Policy Coordination for Full Employment and Social Cohesion in Europe (2001-2004) and Privatisation and the European Social Model (2006-2009).

The EuroMemorandum 2009/10 "Europe in Crisis: A Critique of the EU’s Failure to Respond” was dedicated to Joerg Huffschmid, the founder of the group, who died in December 2009.


EuroMemorandum 2020

A Green New Deal for Europe - Opportunities and Challenges


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