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The COVID-19 crisis - a turning point for the European project. 400 scholars and researchers across Europe call for European solidarity

2 April 2020

In a statement drafted by the EuroMemo Group, a pan-European network of economists and researchers, more than 400 scholars and researchers demand a profound change of European politics. The statement criticizes the neoliberal bent of economic policies during the last decades and particularly since the financial crisis of 2008, which have favoured austerity policies, as well as underfunding and privatization of public services, the repercussions of which are now severely affecting the ability of governments to tackle the impact of the Corona crisis.

The statement calls on governments to support crisis policies based on European solidarity, in particular the introduction of Corona Bonds and similar forms of debt mutualisation. In order to rebuild the EU economy in the aftermath of the crisis, the statement demands a reform of the European Green Deal prioritising social policies and an enlargement of the fiscal basis for common European policies, in particular by introducing Eurobonds and a federal EU budget. The global impact of the COVID-19 crisis, especially on the emerging and developing countries must be contained by a substantial European contribution to development assistance and debt relief.


You can find the statement here: Statement of the EuroMemo Group - COVID 19 Crisis

You can find the list of endorsment here:List of endorsement (6th April - 10:00)

The statement will also be translated in other languages. You will find them here soon:

Croatian:Izjava Euro-Memo grupe: COVID 19 kriza kao prekretnica za europski projekt

Danish:Covid-19 krisen - et vendepunkt for det Europæiske project

Dutch:The COVID-19 crisis - een keerpunt voor het Europese project

Finnish:COVID-19-kriisi - eurooppalaisen projektin käännekohta

French:La crise COVID-19 - un tournant pour le projet européen

German:Die COVID-19 Krise - ein Wendepunkt für das Europäische Projekt

Greek: Covid 19 - EuroMemo Statement in Greek

Italian:La crisi Covid-19. Un punto di svolta per il progetto europeo

Polish:Kryzys COVID-19 - punkt zwrotny dla projektu europejskiego

Portuguese:A crise da COVID-19 - um ponto de viragem para o projeto europeu

Swedish:COVID-19 Krisen - En Vändpunkt for Europaprojektet

Many thanks for your support and kind regards,

The Steering Committee of the EuroMemo Group

EuroMemorandum 2020: A Green New Deal for Europe - Opportunities and Challenges is now also available in Polish

The EuroMemorandum 2020 is now also available in Polish. It was edited by Włodzimierz Dymarski.

More information about the Memorandum and the translation can be found here.

EuroMemorandum 2020: A Green New Deal for Europe - Opportunities and Challenges

Find the document here.

Given its urgency, this year’s EuroMemorandum puts special emphasis on the climate crisis and other planetary boundaries. In tandem with deepening social inequalities, renascent authoritarian nationalisms and the crisis of global governance, they urgently need comprehensive and effective policy responses. The EuroMemorandum 2020 critically analyses recent economic developments in Europe against this background and makes the case for a properly designed and sufficiently funded Green New Deal.

More than 220 economists and social scientists from all over Europe and beyond have declared their support for the new EuroMemorandum. More details and the full document can be found here.

EuroMemo Group Conference 2019

This year’s EuroMemo Group conference was jointly hosted with the Paris University 13 and took place on 26-28 September 2019.

The conference was dedicated to the topic "A Green New Deal for Europe - Opportunities and Challenges". Against the background of the deepening climate and environmental crisis, this year’s conference particularly addressed the need for socio-ecological transformation in Europe and critically discussed related policy proposals, in particular the Green New Deal.

The plenary presentations and presented papers can be found at the conference website.

Discussion Paper No. 01/2019

The EuroMemo Group is happy to announce the EuroMemo Group Discussion Paper No. 01/2019 The '4th wave of industrial revolution' - a promise blind to social consequences, power and ecological impact in the era of 'digital capitalism', authored by Birgit Mahnkopf, professor emeritus of European Politics at the Berlin School of Economics and Law and member of the Institute for International Political Economy Berlin.

The Discussion Paper Series is intended to open up discussions on currently relevant economic, political and social issues in the European Union that are controversially debated within the left. Scientists, including young scholars and students, are invited to make critical contributions.

More information and previous issues can be found here.

We mourn Gunter Quaißer (1963 - 2018)

After a long illness Gunter Quaißer died on July 23rd, 2018. A long-standing coordinator of the German Memo Group (Arbeitsgruppe Alternative Wirtschaftspolitik e.V.), he was a strong supporter of the EuroMemo Group.

We have lost a valuable friend.

Elmar Altvater died

The EuroMemo Group grieves for Elmar Altvater, an exemplary scholar, tireless activist and beautiful person.


Book publication - The Deepening Crisis of the European Union: The Case for Radical Change

In relation to the 18th EuroMemo Group Conference in Poznan, Poland, the Poznan University of Economics published the book 'The Deepening Crisis of the European Union: The Case for Radical Change'. It was edited by Włodzimierz Dymarski, Marica Frangakis and Jeremy Leaman of the EuroMemo Group. More information can be found here.


EuroMemorandum 2020

A Green New Deal for Europe - Opportunities and Challenges


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