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Jörg-Huffschmid-Prize 2015 - Call for applications

The EuroMemo Group, the scientific advisory board of Attac Germany, the German Working Group on Alternative Economic Policy and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation announce the Jörg-Huffschmid-Prize 2015. The call for applications is open until the end of March. The prize for dissertations is intended to promote the continuation of the work of Jörg Huffschmid, distinguished critical economist and founding father of the EuroMemo Group. More information (in German) can be found here

Printed versions of the EuroMemorandum 2015

The EuroMemorandum 2015 "What future for the European Union - Stagnation and polarisation or new foundations?" is now available as booklet in English, French and German. To order printed versions please contact transform! europe for the English version, Espaces Marx for the French version and visit Zeitschrift Sozialismus for the German version.

EuroMemorandum 2015:
What future for the European Union - Stagnation and polarisation or new foundations?

The EuroMemorandum 2015 is now online. It is supported by more than 300 economists and social scientists from all over Europe.

The proposals of the EuroMemorandum this year are being formulated in an exceptionally difficult context, which represents the virtually complete triumph of ideas and political forces to which the EuroMemo Group is fundamentally opposed. The consolidation of the economic space at the EU level has not supported any corresponding development of social or democratic rights. Recent policies and court judgements have increasingly subordinated member state social models to the competition regime, opening up public services to predation from profit-seeking companies. At the macroeconomic level, austerity policies, imposed by the strong states throughout the euro area, but especially on the weaker states, have reduced millions of EU citizens to poverty and impaired even basic levels of social protection and employment rights in the crisis-struck countries. The EuroMemorandum 2015 critically analyses recent economic developments in Europe and emphasises the strong need for an alternative economic policy that is based on the principles of democratic participation, social justice and environmental sustainability

Find the new EuroMemorandum here

If you wish to have the opportunity to support the new EuroMemorandum please send an e-mail to

20th Conference on Alternative Economic Policy in Europe: What future for the European Union - Stagnation and polarisation or new foundations?

The EuroMemo Group Conference 2014 was jointly hosted with Economia Civile and held in Rome at the Sapienza University, from 25-27 September 2014. We thank all participants for their great contribution. The papers presented and discussed at the conference are available here.

Euro-pen Appeal for the European Elections: Another Road for Europe

The European elections of May 2014 are an important opportunity to reject the neoliberal impasse of Europe and populist temptations, and to affirm that Another Road for Europe is possible. The European Progressive Economists Network (Euro-pen), which brings together economists and civil society groups including the EuroMemo Group, calls on European citizens and political forces to engage in a Europe-wide debate on alternatives. Five directions of radical change for European policies are proposed. These ideas should be at the centre of the election campaign and of the activities of the new European Parliament and European Commission.

The appeal is available in English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portugese, Spanish, Catalan and Basque.

Book publication - The Deepening Crisis of the European Union: The Case for Radical Change

In relation to the 18th EuroMemo Group Conference in Poznan, Poland, the Poznan University of Economics published the book 'The Deepening Crisis of the European Union: The Case for Radical Change'. It was edited by Włodzimierz Dymarski, Marica Frangakis and Jeremy Leaman of the EuroMemo Group. More information can be found here.

European Progressive Economists Network

A new network has been set up to strengthen the interchange of analysis and information between groups of progressive economists in Europe. The European Progressive Economists Network was launched by the EuroMemo Group, Economistes Atterrés from France, Sbilanciamoci! from Italy, and Another Road for Europe at the Florence 10+10 Forum on 9-11 November 2012. The new network is also supported by Econosphères from Belgium, Econonuestra from Spain, the Transnational Institute, the Critical Political Economy Network, and Transform!

The initial statement is available in English, French, Italian and German.

Solidarity against Austerity

The EuroMemo Group declares its solidarity with the peoples of Greece, Spain and Portugal mobilizing against a so-called European policy imposed against their own elementary interests. (declaration of solidarity)


EuroMemorandum 2015

What future for the European Union - Stagnation and polarisation or new foundations?


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